While you have a wealth of knowledge, life experience, training, and phenomenal skill sets, no one teaches you entrepreneurship. Intention Elevation Academy gives you the tools, resources, and business coaching and support you need to take your talent and elevate your entrepreneurial dreams.

Leverage your expertise and position yourself for success with your own service-based business.  

Intention Elevation Academy


Learn about our signature incubator program and other ways to work with us.

  • Business Coaching with Industry Experts
  • Virtual Group Calls
  • Personalized Feedback and Audits
  • Templates and Resources 
  • Hot Seat Coaching
  • Access to Industry Professionals in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Personal Development … and so much more!

Leverage your expertise and build your dream service-based business:

Intention Elevation™️ Entrepreneurship Incubator

Learn how you can also add on a 1:1 Business Strategy Session with this offer at a special price.

  • 2024 Business Planning Document
  • Idea to Income: 3 Steps to Take to Start/Grow Your Service-Based Business and Land Your First Paid Clients Within the Next 30 Days!
  • Seek to Speak: 4 Steps to Land 4-Figure Speaking Engagements
  • Social Work Entrepreneurship Summit Replays with Industry Experts

Our on-demand trainings allow you to the opportunity to learn at your own pace on your own time.

On-Demand Trainings through our Shop

Limited spots are available for this transformative session.
Claim your seat now. 

  • Gain clarity about the best way to move your business forward.
  • Develop a strategic approach with an expert who has been in your shoes and transformed her own life and business.
  • Walk away with a customized and actionable plan to implement and elevate your business!

Work with Christina to build a strategic plan designed to meet your specific needs:

Half day or full day VIP Intensive

For far too long, red tape constraints and system barriers have prevented you from truly being great and stepping into your purpose. That all stops today. Through Intention Elevation Academy, you can get the support, resources, tools, and business coaching you deserve to break free from limitations and create the positive impact you were meant to make in this world. Choose the right path for you.  

You were called to make a difference.

The Intention Elevation Academy Offers

The Details:

the Intention Elevation™️ Entrepreneurship incubator experience:

what to expect from

  • Access to online membership community platform to engage, learn and grow alongside other entrepreneurs

  • 1st Monday of every month, access to expert business training (Mindset, finances/accounting, legal, sales, marketing, podcasting and more!)

  • 3rd Monday of every month, exclusive Group Office Hours with Guest Expert and Christina to get more targeted support from your learnings

  • Exclusive access to all of our business training content (Over 30 Video Lessons with workbooks, resources, and more)

  • Feedback on submitted documents for review

  • Access to a library of additional business growth and development resources

  • A growing community of entrepreneurs of color who are shaping the world, driven to expand their impact and their income

Take a look inside!

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only $99 a month!

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Guest Experts:

Topsie Vandenbosch, LMSW

The first Monday of every month, our guest experts will provide a targeted training to help you level up in your business! (note: these will also be open to the public for a fee but included in your Incubator membership)

Our guest experts will return on the third Monday of that same month for a Group Office Hours, exclusively for the Incubator members.

Why this format?

We want to give you the opportunity to implement what you learned in the training and come back 2 weeks later to get your questions answered and feedback for better strategy from our experts!

We have structured the experts intentionally to follow the flow of growing and running a service-based business. 

Does this mean you can't get support on a topic until the guest expert session?!

Of course not!

We are still able to support you along the way in various ways. Don't worry, we got you.

P.S. All recordings of the trainings and group office hours live on our platform exclusively for Incubator members!


Conquering Your CEO Mindset




Vision, Purpose and Mission

Tiara Abu

Money Mindset + Money Management

Ashley Harlan

Master Your Marketing

Brianca Johnson Kirkman


Personal Branding & LinkedIn Success

Harleny Vasquez, LMSW


Sell Your Services with Confidence



Candice D'Angelo

Legal 101


Leveraging Podcasting For Your Business

Catherine Moore, LCSW

(P.S. We have resources for contracts and more inside the incubator!)

for cooperative learning, sprint sessions, encouragement. and getting your questions answered in-between calls. 

Private Community

to answer any questions you may have based on the information you are learning.

Monthly Group Office Hours

our library of trainings has guidance, worksheets and more to guide you every step of the way

Access to On-Demand Business Trainings

in business, accounting, marketing, sales, money mindset, personal development and more.

Connections and Access to Industry Experts

to use along the way for leads, sales, and goals tracking, sending emails, creating proposals, and more! 

Access to Templates & Resources

and audits on submitted documents. 

Personalized Feedback

(hover for more details!)

The first week of every month, doors open to the Incubator. You don't want to wait and miss out on all of the learning, connection and growth!

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Only $99/month!

And she now averages 5-figures of revenue a month (sometimes even 5-figures in one day!) and is projected to do almost $300,000 this year!

  • Served Thousands of Students Nationwide
  • Presented On Global Stages
  • Flown Out to Work with Clients Frequently
  • Featured on Podcasts and Nationwide Publications
  • Connected with the U.S. Department of Education to Share Her Work 
  • Conducted Instagram Lives with Celebrities Like Miguel 

Her experience highlights since launching Intention Elevation in 2019 include:

This incubator experience for social workers of color was created by Intention Elevation’s founder, Christina Broderick-Royes, LSW. As a clinically-trained licensed social worker and certified school social worker, she understands the struggles and rewards of working in social service. And she also knows the freedom and flexibility that come from becoming a successful entrepreneur — and she wants that for you. 

Broderck-Royes, LSW

Your Academy Instructor

"Since working with Chrissie and the incubator, I have secured almost $25,000 in contracts!"

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