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Strengthen your community by enhancing mental wellness to boost academic and/or workplace performance.

Distinguish your organization's reputation and improve your success rates and set your community up to effectively manage their well-being through a certified program.

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A mental health, life skills and leadership development program that supports students and young professionals with learning and applying foundational concepts and skills for everyday wellbeing.

life skills + Leadership development certification program

Mental Health mastery method

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Studies show that individuals with good mental health, whether they are students or staff members, often achieve higher performance in their respective roles, exhibit better attendance, and are more engaged with their responsibilities. As leaders, we are responsible for equipping our community to be ready for the world. However, many among us, including students and staff, are often unequipped to manage their own mental health, developing unhealthy coping skills and facing difficulty handling the stressors of academics, work, and life.

This creates a cycle where teens, young adults, and even experienced staff members can suffer in silence without anyone knowing they've been struggling.

When individuals, especially those from historically marginalized communities, seek support, traditional counseling may lack the cultural competency and sensitivity needed to be effective. This gap can prevent them from fully utilizing these services.

However, by implementing a certified program that addresses well-being and is applicable both in educational settings and the workforce, we can better equip everyone in our community to manage their mental health effectively.

Intention Elevation™️ elevates historically marginalized communities by providing comprehensive solutions rooted in mental health wellbeing practices, amplifying their capacity to thrive in education, career, and community spaces — and advancing systemic change for generations to come.

For Participants:

  • Empowers both students and professionals with crucial life skills, such as resilience, stress management, and mindfulness.
  • Holistically supports all individuals in enhancing their well-being and success, whether in academic or professional settings, by addressing systemic barriers and mental health challenges.
  • Fosters a sense of community among all participants, encouraging the development of peer support networks that benefit everyone beyond the classroom or office environment.

For Admininistration:

  • Enables administrators to develop an efficient internal mental health resource, saving time for both educational and professional institutions.
  • Assists leaders in staying compliant with current educational and workplace trends and expectations.
  • Proactively addresses mental health to reduce dropout rates and improve academic and work performance, fostering a more inclusive environment in both educational and professional settings.
  • Serves as a professional development tool for staff and faculty, equipping them with the skills to implement proactive mental health strategies in support of both students and colleagues.
  • Enhance your institution's reputation and success rates by attracting prospective students and funders through a research-based certification. 
  • Enables quantitative measurement of the program's impact on participants' mental health, facilitating continuous improvement in services for both students and staff. 
  • Our data-driven approach assists in comprehensive reporting and securing funding, benefiting the overall functioning of educational and professional organizations.

Additional Benefits:

program benefits:


"The [Mental Health Mastery] course has definitely been impactful along with the follow up sessions. Students got to connect with resources that were relevant to could be applied to their situations. We've seen that students who successfully completed the course, utilized counseling services more and didn't find themselves in mental health related crisis-situations, particularly in the summer and fall semesters. We [also] noticed that staff is more engaged to have some of the difficult conversations with students around mental wellness and mental health. [I would recommend other teams and companies] to think outside the box and outsource if possible because sometimes you don't have all the answers and sometimes you simply don't have the staff or resources to do everything."

-Dr. Reggie Walker, EOP Director, Rider University

An integrative, proactive solution focused mental health, life skills and leadership development program that supports students and young professionals with learning and applying foundational concepts and skills for everyday wellbeing.

Our program is a research-based, proven curriculum that serves as a pivotal starting point for students and professionals on their individual mental health journeys.

enroll your students or team into the

Mental Health Mastery Method Certification Program

  • Two certification levels options, including a Credly digital certification badge for resumes and LinkedIn profiles 
  • Two versions tailored to students and young professionals
  • 4 live, interactive sessions covering foundational mental health concepts such as mindset, resilience, stress management, mindfulness, self-care, support, and sustainability
  • Workbooks for participants to implement what they learn 
  • Pre- and post-assessments to track learning growth
  • A hybrid, optional online course for deeper learning of fundamental concepts
  • Backend access for managers/directors to monitor student progress as they move through the online modules

The MHMM Certification program offers:



— Michael Berry, Senior, Columbia High School

"This course opened my eyes to mental health. As someone who always has a leadership role, being silent helps no one and it builds up over time. Avoiding mental health and your emotions may seem ok at the moment, but it will always bite you back. All the tactics I learned I will always try to use in my daily life and I will always refer back to the course.”

Our four (4) live sessions also provide additional opportunities for discussions and questions, as well as more immersive learning and real life application. 

Participants say the live discussions are hands-down the best part of the program!

We focus on foundational mental health concepts and skills meant for every participant to learn, build and strengthen their wellness toolbox!

certification levels +
Live Discussion sessions

level 2 certification

Online course curriculum

  • Recorded expert videos for more direct, guided instruction.
  • Every lesson includes gamified rewards, closed captioning, and guided slides with video. 
  • A workbook is provided for each lesson to facilitate individual reflection and action planning.

featuring 8 modules & 46 lessons

  • Mental Health vs. Mental Illness
  • Mindset
  • Positive Psychology
  • Resiliency
  • Understanding Stress and Stress Reduction
  • Self-Care Areas and Practices
  • Mindfulness 101
  • Mental Health Support 
  • Sustainability

level 1 certification

  • 4 live sessions with mental wellness trainer
  • 90-Minute Managerial Training
  • No online course access

level 3 certification

  • 4 live sessions with mental wellness trainer
  • 4-month online course curriculum
  • 2-Hour Managerial Training
  • Access to online course curriculum

Add on a minimum of 3 months consulting for staff and program development to any package!

Working with [her] was extremely streamlined and supportive. She was flexible to the teams needs, while staying true to the quality and integrity of her training and profession. Christina creates student and teacher facing materials that support them in understanding their own mental health and strategies to support them feeling healthy. Additionally, she support schools and systems in implementing strategic interventions to support success."  

“Christina has a wealth of knowledge in both the mental health space but also in implementing strategies in engaging and inclusive ways with students and educators.

-Dr. Kristian Lendermen, Senior Program Manager, Digital Promise

-Kissena Frazier, Director, Upward Bound at D'Youville University

"Thank you, Christina for recognizing the disconnect in mental health and our youth and creating this platform so that they can explore mental health, learn more about it and then be able to take their knowledge and apply it to their lives."

The Mental Health Mastery Method is not meant for individuals who are in crisis. It is not meant to be a substitute for formalized therapeutic support. It’s a proactive, ongoing method for managing one’s well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my students or staff use this program instead of formal or traditional counseling? 

We already have an on-campus counseling center or an EAP. How is this different?

The Mental Health Mastery Method is meant to serve as a resource, not a replacement. Counseling centers are meant to support students in a higher need of support, while the Mental Health Mastery Method is meant for all students to learn, build and strengthen their mental health foundation.

Unfortunately, counseling services may be too overwhelmed to provide proactive, preventative support for all students and have to focus more on those in need.

How is this different from the Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid is great as it teaches people how to respond to mental health challenges. 

However, with the Mental Health Mastery Method, we’re teaching everyday mental health strategies and techniques for optimal well-being.

As a first-generation American and college graduate from a low-income household, I understand the struggles of navigating the mental health sector both personally and professionally. 

My goal is to provide a program that helps students and young professionals learn new mental health skills and strategies they can apply to their lives!

I’m a clinically trained licensed social worker & certified school social worker. 

I'm Christina Broderick-royes —
ceo & Founder


Together, we can help historically marginalized communities sustainably and proactively prioritize their mental health so that they can lead happier, healthier lives!