Join the only comprehensive business training package designed specifically for social workers building consulting and coaching businesses.

Transform your passion into profit and impact. 

Break free from traditional constraints, gain crystal-clear business direction, and confidently sell your innovative solutions to those who need them most. 

You were called to make a difference.

do it on your own terms.

real talk. that business isn't going to build itself.

I'm ready to build!

✓ 2024 Business Planning Document with guided instructional video
✓ 20 Video Lessons covered over 3-course packages (Idea to Income, Seek to Speak & The Sales Vault). 

✓  Guided Scripts, Workbooks, and Templates maximize learning as you go along 
✓ Industry experts in Mindset, Marketing, Sales and Finances
✓  12 Bonus Workbooks and Journals to grow both personally and professionally. 
✓ Direct access to Chrissie, her team and the community for support

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Now, I know you may be thinking, "this is a lot"! and you're right, it is...but building a multi-six figure (and definitely million dollar!) business is a lot more than just posting on Instagram and making business cards. 

They didn't teach us how to run a business in our social work training, so you have a lot to learn.

But I'm here to help guide you every step of the way.

if you're an action-taker, this toolkit can guide you to make your first or next $10,000-$100,000 in your business! 

  • Overcome Barriers | Dive into strategies that help you navigate and dismantle the obstacles holding you back. 
  • Find Your Path | Our step-by-step guidance brings crystal clarity to your business vision and direction.
  • Execute with Confidence | Learn the art of selling, marketing, managing your money, and mastering your mindset so you can grow with ease.
  • Get Support on Your Journey | You're not alone! Our toolkit includes continuous support and expert guidance to help you grow your business.

If you're looking to...

Then this toolkit is for you!

Take a look inside!

Experience the Highlights of Our Exclusive, One-of-a-Kind, 2-Day Summit!

As a special offer, gain access to the COMPLETE REPLAY of our transformative summit.

This event featured industry experts in sales, marketing, mindset, and finance, offering invaluable insights that would normally cost thousands!

Learn key components of running and maintaining a profitable, successful business!

"Today I had my first "sales" call with a school district to pitch the planners and professional learning. I used a lot of tips from [the Sales Expert at the Summit and co-creator of the Sales Vault] ...they worked! I'm in the process of becoming a vendor and booking a date for professional learning! Just wanted to thank you and share."
- Summit Live Attendee

additional workbooks and journals

inside the toolkit, you'll unlock 12 meticulously designed workbooks and journals, each a stepping stone to personal and business growth.

To start and/or grow your coaching or consulting business you need to know:

  • How to get out of your own way (CEO mindset)

  • What you're going to offer and how (Idea to Income + Seek to Speak)

  • How people will know about your offer (Marketing 101)

  • How you will sell your offer (Sales 101)

  • How to price your offer and manage all that money you'll be making (Financial Management)

"Christina challenged my vision to ensure I continue to push myself and my business to the next step. She described the areas for growth and opportunity and right now, I have 5 contracts in the works!"

It's your time now.
Let's elevate

This community offers so much more than just the toolkit materials. Here, you’ll find: 
  • A space to connect with like-minded peers who face similar challenges and opportunities
  • Real-time support and idea exchanges from those further along the journey
  • Direct access to my team and I for any questions you have to guide you along the way
  • A hub to access more learning resources and insights 

Once you join, you'll also get access to our Slack community - a dedicated support network of aspiring social entrepreneurs like yourself!

Support & Community

how you'll SUCCESSFULLY build your business :

this is key because building a business alone is hard af and will take you 10x longer to be successful.

In our recorded training, packed with actionable insights and strategies, learn how to:
  • 'Prep' by identifying your unique strengths, 
  • 'Position' your services to stand out in the market,
  • 'Package' your offerings for maximum appeal, and
  • 'Prosper' by executing growth-focused tactics. 

Enhance your learning with our 26-page interactive workbook,
designed to help you apply concepts in real-time, ensuring you not just learn but also implement each step effectively for immediate results.

Stay on top of your progress with our intuitive business tracking template, a powerful tool that helps you monitor your growth, optimize strategies, and celebrate every milestone achieved.

idea to income

access to multiple business trainings:

seek to speak

I've secured over 50 speaking engagements (including multiple conference keynotes and a TEDx talk!) and generated almost $120,000 in revenue in my business through speaking engagements and I'm ready to show you how! 

Unlock the secrets to captivating audiences and attracting high-value speaking opportunities. Our module will guide you through crafting your unique story, connecting with the right audience, and securing lucrative speaking gigs that are at least 4-figures! Learn to leverage your expertise for growth and revenue, with practical tips on pitching and monetizing your speaking engagements.

Dive into our dynamic 90-minute masterclass, complete with a practical workbook, tailored to transform you into a sought-after speaker.
This module covers:
  • Strategies to turn your skills into a profitable speaking career.
  • Techniques to amplify your visibility and attract a steady stream of clients.
  • Steps to position yourself as an industry thought leader.
  • Crafting compelling pitches that open doors to top speaking slots and conferences.
  • Smart ways to monetize each speaking opportunity for sustained business growth.

sales vault

As social workers, you already know how to sell--you do it everyday for your job! Selling treatment plans, resources and more! And if you aren't making sales, you're not in business.

Now, it's time to perfect it for your business. Step into our expertly curated Sales Vault,
crafted in collaboration with a renowned Sales Expert. This comprehensive collection is tailored for specifically for social workers, with 17 video lessons, hands- on templates, worksheets and guides all aiming to master the art of sales. Dive into:

- Shatiera Portee, MA, LAC,NCC


with the right information, access and structure, you can truly have the business and life of your dreams.

I believe that...

overpromising and underselling.
You get the real deal to get you actual results.

I'm not about...

ensuring social workers are able to use their skills, training and expertise to not only best serve the communities they care about--but to stop settling for pennies and make the money they deserve through entrepreneurship

I'm all about...

What Makes This Different From Everything You've Tried Before

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$997 Pay-in-Full
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✓ 2024 Business Planning Document with guided instructional video
✓ 20 Video Lessons covered over 3-course packages (Idea to Income, Seek to Speak & The Sales Vault). [ $2,000 value ]

✓  Guided Scripts, Workbooks, and Templates maximize learning as you go along [ $1,000 value ]
✓ Industry experts in Mindset, Marketing, Sales and Finances
[ $3,500 value ]
✓  12 Bonus Workbooks and Journals to grow both personally and professionally. [ $500 value ]
✓ Direct access to Chrissie, her team and the community for support
[ honestly, this is priceless ]

what's included

The Social Work Entrepreneurship Toolkit brings you content and access worth over $7,000-but of course, you get it for much less!

Over $7,000 in value!

PLUS get access to all updates and additions to the Toolkit during your subscription!

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January Pay-in-full Bonus:
Get One (1) 60-Minute strategy session included!

— Krystle Reddick, LMSW, Self-Care Coach

"If you are considering starting or growing your business, I'd highly recommend Christina! She is generous with her time, and has developed a program that lays out the blueprint for you toward making your business impactful and profitable"

I'm a clinically-trained licensed social worker with a rich background in school social work. My journey in social service has taught me about the intricate balance of struggles and triumphs in this field. But it's my transition into entrepreneurship that unlocked a new realm of freedom and flexibility – a transformative experience I'm eager to share with you.

 Since launching Intention Elevation in 2019, my path has been nothing short of extraordinary:

  • I've had the privilege of serving thousands of clients internationally.  
  • I've graced global stages, including a TEDx talk, sharing my insights and learning from the best.
  • My work frequently takes me across the country to collaborate closely with clients.
  • I've been featured in various podcasts and prestigious publications, spreading our mission far and wide.
  • My collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education allowed me to present our groundbreaking work.
  • Engaging with celebrities like Miguel on Instagram Lives has been a surreal aspect of my journey.

And the cherry on top? Our company consistently hits five-figure monthly revenues, with lifetime sales nearing half a million dollars! 

This isn't just my story; it's a testament to what's possible for you too. Let's embark on this journey of growth and success together.

consultant. coach. wife. dog momma. orca lover. full-bodied virgo. 5/1 manifestor.

I'm chrissie- a multi-six figure social work entrepreneur that wants to help you do the same and more!

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