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Intention Elevation elevates marginalized communities by providing comprehensive solutions rooted in mental health wellbeing practices, amplifying their capacity to thrive in education, career, and community spaces — and advancing systemic change for generations to come.

what we do

We uphold core values that serve as the North Star for what we do day in and day out. They guide our every decision. And it’s important that the people we invite to the table — clients or team members — are aligned with who we are and how we work. 

who we are

What it’s like working for Intention Elevation …

From leadership development and program design to presentations and training facilitation — hosting online courses for thousands of participants to providing business coaching and strategy to social workers looking to start their own businesses, at the heart of what we do is advancing sustainable systemic change through comprehensive solutions rooted in mental health wellbeing practices. 

Nearly all of our clients support first-generation students and/or low-income students, whether K-12 school districts, universities, education-focused nonprofits, and/or programs. We also impact individuals through our short- and long-term projects that help transform our partner organizations by implementing new strategies, techniques and skills they implement for their teams and workplace environments.

we support the communities who need us most.

Much of our work is in the New York and New Jersey area, but our clients come from all over the nation, including internationally. So, that means we travel quite a bit … and we’re just getting started! 

Depending on the role, travel may be required.

Travel is a welcome part of the job.

Current open positions

Stay tuned for announcements for additional upcoming positions.

Welcome! We are excited you are interested in joining our team as a Mental Health/Wellness Facilitation Specialist! Please review the job description below and complete the application form and we will be in touch regarding the next steps.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you have any technical difficulties or issues, please email

We're on the lookout for a Mental Health/Wellness Workshop Facilitation Specialist with a knack for speaking that lights up the room. You're not just any facilitator; you're a storyteller, an empathizer, someone who can connect with historically marginalized communities, particularly experience with first-generation, low-income students or professionals seeking workplace wellness. If you're about making a real difference, read on!

This is a contract position paid on a project basis. Rates will be commensurate with experience and the specifics of each engagement.

Please note, that as a contracted facilitator, you will be a representation of Intention Elevation™️. If you have your own business (which is great!), while working with our clients, this will not be the opportunity to sell your services to our clients. A non-solicitation clause will be enforced.

Craft and Lead: Design workshops/trainings that aren't just informative, but transformative. Tailor them for either students fighting the odds or professionals seeking balance.

Engage: Use your charisma to engage high-profile stakeholders. They should hang onto your every word!

Develop: Create materials that stick. We're talking handouts, presentations, the works. 

Feedback Loop: Implement ways to measure your success and iterate based on what you find.

Team Play: Collaborate with our team to innovate and refine our approach.

Workshop Design and Facilitation:
- Create and deliver engaging, informative, and impactful workshops and training sessions.
- Tailor content to suit the needs of historically marginalized communities, such as first-generation, low-income student populations, and/or workplace wellness initiatives.
- Utilize interactive and innovative teaching methods to enhance participant engagement and learning.

Stakeholder Engagement:
- Effectively communicate with high-level stakeholders, understanding their unique needs and challenges.
- Provide expert advice and support in the areas of mental health and wellness.
- Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

Content Development:
- Develop comprehensive training materials, including presentations, handouts, and other educational resources.
- Stay abreast of current research and trends in mental health, particularly as they relate to the education sector and workplace wellness.

Evaluation and Feedback:
- Implement strategies for measuring the effectiveness of training sessions.
- Collect and analyze feedback to continually improve the quality and relevance of the workshops.

- Work collaboratively with other team members to enhance the overall quality of our training offerings.
- Participate in team meetings as needed and contribute to the development of new initiatives.

- Location:
Depending on the engagement, the work will either be remote or in-person local to the facilitator. Since we work with clients nationwide, we are open to facilitators from all over the U.S.

- Flexible: Facilitators are contracted based on incoming client needs. Therefore, work is assigned to the facilitator(s) on an as-needed basis.

- Expertise: A track record of killer speaking engagements and workshops with a proven ability to design and implement effective training programs.

- Education: Background in mental health, psychology, or similar with at least 5+ years of professional experience.

- Passion: A heart for historically marginalized communities or workplace wellness, with professional experience to match.

- Additional: Self-starter attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit.

- Compensation will be based on the project you are assigned on an as needed basis and is also dependent upon a variety of factors (location, length of time, etc.). For reference, compensation for our facilitators typically start around $800 per project and goes up from here. 

Think you're the perfect fit? Great! We will be accepting applicants on a rolling basis. If chosen to move forward, applicants may be asked to complete a paid test project before being invited to an interview.

Mental Health/Wellness Facilitation Specialist (Independent Contractor)

Key Responsibilities

What We're Looking For...


Your Impact

we are not currently recruiting for this position. stay connected to see when we open again

Reach out for answers about Intentional Elevation and if we’re a right fit for you. 

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