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Where Social Work Can Lead You, is an invitation from professionals and leaders to share in their journeys, through personal stories. Within a short number of pages, authors share some pivotal moments that shaped their journey into, around and even out of social work.  

Each story is told from the author’s perspective and some journeys shared contain sensitive content. 
Courage was required.  

In this book you will find stories of journeys from long ago and journeys just beginning. Common themes within each journey include; the deep desire to be connected to others, the desire to help, the desire to see those that feel unseen, and a rise to the call for social justice.  

Story telling is social action. Sharing journey stories builds the momentum to connect, to seek others’ journey stories, and to see the journey stories within ourselves. This is collective building through journey stories shared.  

This book serves as a professional call to action. All those who come into, around, or out of social work have a personal journey, and directly parallel, all those served by the field of social work have a journey story. Let’s be reminded that the helping profession of social work was in fact built on passions professionalized.  
Help us get this book into the hands of those who are looking for this book!

​Our book proceeds are going to an organization called House of Providence, which is a non-profit organization that is leading the way in how children are cared for in residential foster care.

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