She knew what to do but was trapped in systems keeping her from making a real impact. She craved freedom and flexibility for her life — and the satisfaction of knowing she could make a significant difference in this world on her own terms. Tired of being told she could “only do so much,” Christina felt called to break through the industry glass ceilings to maximize both her impact and income. 

She had the experience, training, connections, and ingenuity. She just needed to put everything to work. Christina developed a strategic signature framework rooted in mental health wellbeing best practices — and the beginnings of Intention Elevation manifested. 

For years, she felt frustrated with environments stuck in cycles of waiting until something was wrong before attempting to fix it. Reactionary and ineffective. 

Christina is an activator. A futurist and visionary leader. She embodies strength in a multitude of areas but especially in ideation, communication, and significance — meaning that she talks the talk and walks the walk. 

Her passion for prioritizing mental health wellbeing stems from her career experience as a clinically-trained licensed social worker, a former psychotherapist, a certified school social worker, and an adjunct professor. 

Broderick-Royes, LSW

Our Founder

We create space for communities, organizations, programs, and individuals to communicate openly and evaluate the gaps or challenges they are experiencing. We establish a foundation for our approach based on the information shared. And we integrate mental health wellbeing best practices into the customized strategies and initiatives that meet their needs to elevate and amplify their capacities to thrive in education, career, and community spaces.   

Intention Elevation’s proprietary framework provides guidance and structure to ensure results for our clients. 

Our Signature Framework

We encourage communities of marginalized people with guidance, care, compassion and resources — fully aware of the world they can create with confidence and limitless options.


We remain grounded in our connection to our individual and collective human experiences and the overall impact we have on our global footprint — human to human, I am because we are.


While the work may be difficult… We prioritize joy in our lives, with each other, our clients, and the work we do.


As true changemakers, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring ingenuity stays at the forefront as we bring new ideas, concepts, and solutions to those in need.


We are dedicated to the process — with perseverance and endurance — to secure lasting change for generations to come.

Sustainable Legacy

We are purposeful through every thread of what we do to ensure actions lead to tangible solutions which honor, recognize, and benefit the people we serve with dignity and respect. 


our core values

It is the essence of being human and a philosophy that says, “I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours.” It is often translated as, “I am because we are.”


Our core value of Connection is rooted in the African proverb called 

Our signature incubator offers personalized strategy and support for social workers who want to use their wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to become a successful entrepreneur. 


intention elevation

We offer three tiers of service that include program development for corporations and organizations of all sizes — all rooted in strong mental health foundations. 


intention elevation

How to Work with Intention Elevation:

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