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Social Work Entrepreneurship

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You’ve known your whole life that you wanted to help people. 

You’re a driven, caring, and ambitious person of color who’s often in positions of authority, whether it be at home, in your social circle, at work, or in your local community. 

Social work was an easy choice for you. This career path was supposed to open the doors to making a meaningful impact on the system.

However, you didn’t expect the limitations of systemic barriers, the lack of resources or tools, and the absence of compassion for the communities we care about to cause so much stress. 

You got into social work to help people, not to burn out!

How it started

So, you deserve the opportunity to fulfill your life’s purpose without the limitations. 

Where you can be

Giving up social work was never an option, but something needed to change, didn’t it?

You know that there is a way to transform your natural talents, hard-earned degree, and developed skills into a profitable and impactful business.

Entrepreneurship allows you...

The freedom to create innovative solutions for meaningful change.

To build a business that not only generates profit, but also uplifts society while addressing pressing social issues.

Join a community of forward-thinking professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

As a clinically trained licensed social worker, certified school social worker and former therapist, I understand the struggles and rewards of working in social service. 

I also know the freedom and flexibility that comes from leveraging social work into entrepreneurship.

I’ve successfully run my business full-time by providing mental health consulting services to organizations internationally, serving thousands of individuals all over.

You don’t have to keep fighting all the systemic barriers only to be left feeling so burned out that you’re not at your best on the job or in your personal life.

I'm Chrissie!


Take advantage of my 4+ years of launch experience so you can have more freedom to fully serve those in need! 

You can have the freedom to serve the communities you care about without all the headaches you think it'll take to get there.

social work entrepreneurshiP

get access to the replays of the...

Get clarity on how to package, sell, and market your offer, as well as how to manage your business! 

This summit is perfect for social workers who want to know how to start or elevate their own service-based business.


Opportunities to Network with Other Social Work Professionals with Access to our Slack Channel

A Panel of Experts in the Field of Mindset, Finances, Sales & Marketing

Recordings of 2 Days of Learning, Strategy, Connection & Inspiration

Here's what you can expect:

Workbooks to Follow Along & Implement Learning

Access to Resources to Empower Your Work

"She gives you knowledge, tools, and tips for whatever your business venture may be. She doesn't add fluff and she is very personable."

"What i love about learning from chrissie is that she makes sure you are prepared."

"One of the things I value is social workers who value income. Christina emphasized that social workers need to be paid for their time and expertise. I am energized to market myself as a thought leader in my industry and I am grateful."

"She is worth Every Dime!"

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Want to know who else you'll be learning from?

→ How to transform your current mental attitude into your biggest advantage as a business owner

In this Session you'll discover:

As a licensed social worker and business mindset coach, Topsie's mission is to help CEOs destroy negative thought patterns + unhelpful behaviors that affect how they run their businesses.

Shift your mindset with topsie vandenbosch, lmsw


→ How to master the basics of understanding and knowing your money so you can have financial control and independence in your business.


A financial services veteran with over 15 years of experience at top banking and financial planning firms. She's here to bring her extensive knowledge and experience to you, helping high-growth, professional service providers grow their wealth through their businesses. Ashley supports Mental Health & Wellness Pros by simplifying their finances, building profitable practices, & living out their dreams, whatever they may be

Let's talk about the money with Ashley Harlan


→ How to attract, engage, & inspire change with effective marketing strategies specific to your social work business 


Brianca's purpose is to help you get clear about your vision and purpose, create launch strategies that help you win and provide in sync support to empower you as the badass expert that you are

Master Your Messaging & Marketing with Brianca Kirkman


→ How to reduce your sales anxiety and maximize your earnings with strategies that boost your confidence and help you generate revenue


From doors being slammed in her face, being told ‘no’ repeatedly, and almost getting fired on multiple winning MAJOR multi-million dollar accounts, becoming sales rep of the month for multiple months, and the go-to sales rep for training newly hired sales reps how to hit ground running in becoming an expert too!

She's here to give business owners real, tangible results from repeated proven techniques that are transferable to any industry.

Embrace sales with candice d'angelo


Plus our panel of Social work entrepreneurs!

Harleny Vasquez, LMSW

Joi Britt, LCSW

Catherine Moore, LCSW

Owner & Therapist of Life Intentionally Psychotherapy Services LCSW PLLC & Host of The Joi of Social Work Podcast

Speaker, Therapist, Coach & Host of The Social Workers, Rise! Podcast

CEO and Founder of yourEVOLVEDmind,  Career Coach & Podcast Host of the Social Work Insider


"In one session Chrissie helped me to prepare to double my revenue with the ideas based on my current business model.

Through the program, I was able to go back & build a better foundation for my business. I have systems in place and have created a different structure. Chrissie also has encouraged me to believe more in myself & take that leap of faith. Sometimes we don't see how special we are but people like Chrissie remind us of our power and to shine bright in it! 

Working with Chrissie was amazing!

You can try to navigate entrepreneurship by yourself. As an ambitious and persistent person of color, you’ll probably figure it out. 

But, you don't always need to struggle to get where you need to go. 

By collaborating with our community, you can get ahead without unnecessary “hard work,” so you can have what you need to be a successful social work entrepreneur.


You don't have to be confused about the strategies and tools you need to grow a social work business. This summit gives you the opportunity to unlock the clarity you need to start or elevate your business!

The Social Work Entrepreneurship Summit is the only one of its kind for social work entrepreneurs to leverage their already-developed skills into their businesses.

Receive clarity and support from our experts and community of social work professionals. 

Confidently start or elevate your social work-based business with foundational tools around packaging your services, marketing and selling your services, accounting processes and more.

Feel more inspired and confident about how your business idea can transform your life and those you help

Have a support system to move forward with turning your social work career into your dream business

By the end of the summit, you'll...

-Kissena Frazier

Over my time working with Christina I was able to birth my business from scratch and start something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. My business will now allow me to reach students that I wouldn’t have been able to reach in the capacity of my main job, and change lives and generations with the knowledge given to them through my work. I’d have done nothing different and I’m grateful and thankful for the information from [Christina] and the community we’ve built. Invest in yourself…. You’re more than worth it !! 

"[Working with christina] was life changing to say the least!!!

-Juliana Londono

She is willing to share her own struggles to ensure your path is brighter, and THAT is what makes her exceptional. Christina listened to my concerns and provided detailed feedback on how to move forward with my business. She is always cheering me on and rooting for me! The coaching session provided the clarity I was looking for in terms of how to move my business forward. Christina challenged my vision to ensure I continue to push myself and my business to the next step. She described the areas for growth and opportunity and right now, I have 5 contracts in the works! 

Christina is incredibly knowledgeable as a coach & an industry expert

My experience highlights since launching my business include: 
  • Served Thousands of Students Nationwide
  • Presented On Global Stages, Providing Conference Presentations, Multiple Keynotes Including for the Largest NASW Chapter and Much, Much More
  • Flown Out to Work with Clients Frequently
  • Featured on Podcasts and Nationwide Publications
  • Connected with the U.S. Department of Education to Share Work 
  • Conducted Instagram Lives with Celebrities Like Miguel
  • Supported 3 Cohorts of Social Workers Building Businesses in our Signature Social Work Entrepreneurship Incubator 

In my company, we have done almost half a million in sales since inception and honestly, we're just getting started.

I understand the struggle and rewards of working in social service. And I also knows the freedom and flexibility that come from becoming a successful entrepreneur — and I want that for you.

Why learn from me?

Let's go!

You deserve the freedom to serve the communities you care about without the standard institutional barriers.

So, join us for our live summit and get the structure and solutions you need to support your mission!

serve through entrepreneurship

"I highly recommend coaching services through Intention Elevation if you are seeking clarity and strategies for growth and service to others. I left with a renewed sense of focus and direction after our first session together."

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